February 2019

This is my first real build of 2019 and I am very pleased with it. Some late Matchbox kits are real gems and this is one of them.  I picked this up for a very reasonable price at Telford in November last year and although its decals were showing their age, it has been a very satisfying build .

This is a Vickers Wellesley of 14 Sqn based at RAF Amman, Transjordan in 1938.

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October 2018

As I expected, this Mach 2 kit has not been an easy build, but it was an enjoyable challenge and I am pleased with the end product.  With a few scratch variations from the kit as supplied, this is the US Coast Guard Hu-25 maritime patrol aircraft based on the hugely successful Dassault Falcon 20G business jet.

November 2018

            100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War

Two substantial builds this month, both variants of the same versaile aircraft design, and both performing the same role, but in very different parts of the world.

First, a FROG Canberra B(I).8 from 88 Sqn, RAF Germany in the 1950s and 1960s.  A low cost and reasonably accurate kit of this nuclear armed Cold War aircraft, albeit lacking in fine detail.

Then the US development of the same aircraft, in the form of the Martin B-57 Canberra, in this case serving with the 8th Bomb Sqn at Phan Rang AB, Vietnam in the 1960s.  

USAF Canberras were the first US aircraft to bomb North Vietnam, and together with their Australian Canberra counterparts, formed the backbone of the nightly assault on the Ho Chi Min trail.

December 2018

HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH First of Class Flying Trials -  FLY NAVY

One of the very few bits of good news this year has been the incredibly successful completion in November of parts 1 and 2 of First of Class F-35B Flying Trials onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, off the eastern seaboard of the United States; fixed wing fast jets have returned to the Royal Navy in spectacular style.

As well as the first ever landings on QNLZ, undertaken by Royal Navy pilot Cdr Nathan Gray and RAF pilot Sqn Ldr Andy Edgell, the trials also included for the first time ever, an automated Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL), this time by BAE Systems pilot Peter Wilson, a maneouvre that will be essential to allow the F-35B to return onboard with unexpended ammuniiton.

To celebrate this historic event, I have built another F-35B, using the Fujimi kit, in speculative operational RN markings (never say never) and updated my build from last year celebrating the first departure of QNLZ from Rosyth. My first model now includes the commemorative tail badge worn by the F-35B Integrated Test Force (ITF) aircraft and pilots.

….and on that deliberately upbeat note, 2018 ends for me. My best wishes to all and see you next year!  

January 2019

Happy New Year!

Christmas was somewhat shorter and busier than expected, with little time for modelling, so I start the year with two modest small builds of AFVs, using Matador resin kits purchased at Telford last year.

First up is the widely used FV721 Fox CVR(W), the British Army’s replacement for the Saladin armoured car.

Then to follow, the final mark of the long lived and successful Ferret scout car family, the large wheeled, Swingfire armed, Daimler FV712 Ferret Mk 5.

March 2019

This one is really a litle disappointing. It’s the very crude Leoman kit of a Sukhoi Su-9B  Fishpot B of the Soviet Air Defences (PVO) in the 1960s to early 1970s.

Not recommended as a kit, but it has kept me busy for a few weeks and fills a gap in the collection!

April 2019

This month I have been working on a rather longer term project; its not quite ready, but I have included a few progress photos to whet the appetite.

In the meantime , I have done a few repairs to an older build, an Italeri Chinook whose rotors were sagging and breaking under the weight of time!

May 2019

Finished at last.  This has been a little bit more difficult than anticipated, mainly because of the white paint scheme and those infuriating yellow stripes!  

This is the Matchbox HS125 converted to the Sea Harrier FA2 Blue Vixen Radar Trials aircraft .

Jun 2019

Something different  this month, arising form a visit by Mrs T and I, to a most enjoyable Star Wars event at Disneyland Paris.

So it’s a bit of a Star Wars Fest, featuring a 1/72 Bandai X-Wing Fighter!

Jul 2019

This year marks 60 years since the SikorskySea King’s first flight and 50 years since the first flight of a Westland Sea King (for the RN).  As a warm-up before I attempt  another RN variant, here is an RAF Search & Rescue HAR.3 from RAF Lossiemouth, based on the Fujimi kit. This kit had a fairly major part missing that required some innovation.

Aug 2019

Houston, this is Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed….

It really is incredible to think that 20 July 2019 marked 50 yrs since the Apollo 11 Moon Landings, an event that I clearly remember (although I was only 7 yrs old) and which had a major influence on my life.  I bought this kit a few years back when it was released for the 2009 40th Anniversary. Now seems to be the right time to build it - the Airfix 1/72nd Lunar Module “Eagle”.   By all accounts the Airfix kit remains one of the most accurate representations of this iconic craft.

Sep 2019

Westland Sea King 50 Years

Following on from my RAF Rescue Sea King build 2 months ago,  my August build is a more representative early UK Sea King, in the form of a fully armed RN HAS.1 of 819 Sqn at RNAS Prestwick in 1977, based on the Fujimi kit.  First flying in 1969, the seven different marks of Westland Sea King in UK Service were truly iconic Cold War aircraft.