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April 2019

This month I have been working on a rather longer term project; its not quite ready, but I have included a few progress photos to whet the appetite.

In the meantime , I have done a few repairs to an older build, an Italeri Chinook whose rotors were sagging and breaking under the weight of time!

May 2019

Finished at last.  This has been a little bit more difficult than anticipated, mainly because of the white paint scheme and those infuriating yellow stripes!  

This is the Matchbox HS125 converted to the Sea Harrier FA2 Blue Vixen Radar Trials aircraft .

Jun 2019

Something different  this month, arising from a visit by Mrs T and myself to a most enjoyable Star Wars event at Disneyland Paris.

So it’s a bit of a Star Wars Fest, featuring a 1/72 Bandai X-Wing Fighter!

Jul 2019

This year marks 60 years since the SikorskySea King’s first flight and 50 years since the first flight of a Westland Sea King (for the RN).  As a warm-up before I attempt  another RN variant, here is an RAF Search & Rescue HAR.3 from RAF Lossiemouth, based on the Fujimi kit. This kit had a fairly major part missing that required some innovation.

Aug 2019

Houston, this is Tranquility Base, the Eagle has landed….

It really is incredible to think that 20 July 2019 marked 50 yrs since the Apollo 11 Moon Landings, an event that I clearly remember (although I was only 7 yrs old) and which had a major influence on my life.  I bought this kit a few years back when it was released for the 2009 40th Anniversary. Now seems to be the right time to build it - the Airfix 1/72nd Lunar Module “Eagle”.   By all accounts the Airfix kit remains one of the most accurate representations of this iconic craft.

Sep 2019

Westland Sea King 50 Years

Following on from my RAF Rescue Sea King build 2 months ago,  my August build is a more representative early UK Sea King, in the form of a fully armed RN HAS.1 of 819 Sqn at RNAS Prestwick in 1977, based on the Fujimi kit.  First flying in 1969, the seven different marks of Westland Sea King in UK Service were truly iconic Cold War aircraft.

Oct 2019

One of the highlights of this year’s Yeovilton RN Air Show was the appearance of a futuristic looking Italian Navy P.180 Avanti liaison arcraft.  Looking like something from the design studios of Gerry Anderson and Thunderbirds, this is the AModel kit built as provided in the box!  

November 2019


Two Vietnam-era  builds this month, covering an early and a late variant of the A-4 Douglas Skyhawk, which bore the brunt of early US Navy operations in South East Asia.

First up is the Hasegawa/FROG kit (1969 mould - 1999 issue), that I have built several times before, but this time in late USN Markings of an A-4F of VA-55 Warhorses, based onboard USS HANCOCK on Yankee Station in the early 1970s.

Then an earlier “Scooter” from the same conflict, this time using the newer (2012 mould - 2019 issue) Airfix kit  for an A-4B of VA15 Valions, of USS INTREPID  in the late 1960s.  

This aircraft bears many mission markings, plus the well known “Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club” badge that was applied to 7th Fleet  aircraft. As the CAG aircraft, it bore the side number “00” instead of what should have been 300, and was known rather irreverently as the “double nuts”.

December 2019

I’m closing out 2019 with a model of an aircraft that has become very familiar to me over the last year, since I have been flying from Bristol to Amsterdam in them almost every fortnight.

This is Revell’s updated mould for their current issue of the Embraer E190, with 26 Decals from an aircraft of the KLM Cityhopper fleet.

January 2020

Happy New Year!

To start the year, I have continued with my Skyhawk “binge”, this time with two late model Douglas Skyhawks, both kits from Italeri, and both operated by the US Marines.

Firstly, the upgraded A-4M, used as an interim aircraft until the arrival of the AV-8A. This one was operated in a training role by VMAT-102 at MCAS Yuma in the early 1980s.

Then an even later OA-4M twin seater, operated by H&MS-12 as a Forward Air Control aircraft in the late 1980s.  These aircraft were converted from twin seat TA-4 trainers, brought up to roughly the same equipment standard as the single seat A-4Ms.

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February 2020

A very long time ago, I was lucky enough to observe a series of large scale Soviet Navy exercises off Murmansk. One of the things I really hoped to see was a Helix helicopter, but only the much older Hormone put in an appearance.  In retrospect, I now think the Hormone is the marginally more interesting design and have already built an Airfix kit of that type, but in any event, I have now assembled a Kamov Ka-27 Helix A to join it, using the fairly straightforward and widely available Zvezda 1/72 kit.

March 2020

An important addition to my helicopter collection this month.  The Sikorsky R-4B Hoverfly was initially procured by the RN with anti-submarine warfare in mind, but its limited payload precluded any useful activity. Nevertheless, it did confirm the validity of the concept.  An R-4B was the first helicopter in UK service, performed the first deck landing on a British warship and developed the first helicopter SAR techniques.  This is the MPM kit, not the easiest of builds!

A combination of early retirement and limited activity, as I seek to postpone the arrival of the Coronavirus at home for as long as I can, has allowed me to do a little more building than normal.  As a result, I have a mid-month addition in the form of an Airfix Tornado GR.4 from IXB Sqn RAF .  This kit has seen quite a few changes from the basic items supplied in the box.